Diamond Knife Sharpening Stones in 400#, 600#, 1000# Grit

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These economical 6" x 2" Diamond Stones allow you to quickly put a razor edge on your knives or tools which need a sharp edge.  It features a continuous diamond surface attached to a heavy-duty nickel and steel-backed surface. The diamond surface is ground to be flat, and it will stay flat. The grit is clearly marked on side of stone. Available in coarse, fine, extra fine grits. Some value packs come with an angle guide to maintain the correct angle of your knifes.

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Customer Reviews

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Meagan Flatley

good quality, perfect size

Destiny Mraz

Corresponds to the description delivered quickly packed well thanks

Clair Fritsch

It’s a perfect set of sharing stones - #400, #600 and #1000. Start with #400. Make sure you work on the top of the knife enough time as this part is most inconvenient. Then move to #600 and finish with #1000. My sign of the sharp knife if you can cut a piece of paper without tearing it apart. Try all parts of the knife cutting edge: heel, edge, and tip.

Veda Ryan

Cool sharpener

Lempi Parker

really good

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