Knives crafted of carbon steel lack elements that protect the blade from corrosion and need more maintenance. This does not mean that they are less efficient than stainless steel blades. Carbon steel knives are very common in the culinary world.

The best way to clean carbon steel knives without damaging them is to wipe them with a clean cloth after each use, without passing them under running water.

It is possible to clean a carbon steel knife blade with water but you must take certain precautions to decrease the appearance of rust and other marks that may appear over time. Here are some tips for maintaining a carbon steel kitchen knife:

  • Never let it soak in water
  • Do not use soap of any kind
  • After cleaning the knife with a damp sponge dry the blade immediately with a clean, dry cloth
  • Never leave it to air dry
  • Store it in a dust-free drawer or knife block
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