The Vallon® Hand Forged Stainless Steel Professional Cleaver
The Vallon® Hand Forged Stainless Steel Professional Cleaver, with an ebony handle.  This is the go to knife for almost everything! It is great for showing off your true culinary skills!  The finely selected, high-carbon steel used in the forging process,...
The Xariif® 7.5 inch Handmade Forged Clever
The Xariif® 7.5 inch Handmade Forged Clever!  We can not get enough of fine handmade knives for the kitchen.  They are so beautiful and unique that no two are truly alike. Weighing in at roughly 19oz, this is one rugged clever...
The Vallon® Hand Forged Professional Kiritsuke Style Chef Knife with Ash Handle
The Vallon® Hand Forged Kiritsuke Style Knife was created with professional chefs in mind.  The Kiritsuke is a cross between two different Japanese chef's knives, the gyutou and the yanagi. It's longer than the gyutou, but with an angled tip unlike the yanagi. The Kiritsuke is excellent for slicing...
The Cookie Cutter 4 pcs Knife Set
This is one of the coolest knife sets we have ever seen and used.  Everyone will comment on these knives.  You get a Chef Knife, Meat Knife, Utility Knife, and Paring Knife.
$105.99 $69.99
The Kyuzo®Collection of Knives
from $95.99
The Kyuzo®Collection of Knives
When we first saw these knives we instantly thought of our favorite character from the movie Seven Samurai.  Made from 67 V-Gold 10 Damascus steel, is like holding a samurai sword in your hands.  Imagine cutting through almost anything with...
from $95.99
Diamond Knife Sharpening Stones in 400#, 600#, 1000# Grit
These economical 6" x 2" Diamond Stones allow you to quickly put a razor edge on your knives or tools which need a sharp edge.  It features a continuous diamond surface attached to a heavy-duty nickel and steel-backed surface. The...
$25.99 from $16.99
The River® Collection Damascus Knives and Knife Sets
The River® Collection Knives and Knife Sets are made with the professional chef in mind.  Made from VG10 steel core, sandwiched between Damascus Steel on both sides.  What is VG10 you ask? VG10 steel is a designation used for a...
$664.99 from $399.99
The Vallon® Hand Forged Professional Chef Knife with Ash Handle
The Vallon® Hand Forged Chef Knife was created with professional chefs in mind.  It boasts an 8 inch blade, with the 4.75 inch ash handle with integrated non slip molding, to easily slice, chop or cut any kind of meat or vegetable.  Weighing a...
The Kisu® 7PCS Knife Collection with Wooden Block
Ask any chef and they will all say that you need a top quality knife set when cooking.   Are you sick of knives that dull after only a few months?   Your tomato slices are looking more like mashed tomatoes...
7 Pcs IRIN®Collection Damascus Steel Kitchen Knives Set with Acacia Wood Holder
Do you want a knife set that can last you a lifetime? Well the 7 piece IRIN® Collection can!  The wavy pattern of the knives is due to the forging of the Damascus Steel, which sets off the beauty of these...
Ganivet® Hand Forged Knife Collection
Can't afford a set of Damascus knives, but want a set almost equal in sharpness and quality?  We have you covered!  These hand-forged, three-layer composite steel, knives created by the most experienced craftsman, are nearly as sharp as our Damascus...
from $284.99
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