5 Pcs Stainless Steel Spatula Set With Wood Handle For The Kitchen or Grill

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Ever watch those restaurant cooking shows?  What kind spatulas are they using?  It's not plastic, it's not silicone.  It Stainless Steel! 

These are well-crafted heavy duty stainless steel blade with smooth wood handle. Whether you are a professional chef working in a huge commercial kitchen or cooking at home, these are here to serve you.

Set includes

  • long spatulas - one solid and one perforated. The perforated spatula allows excess grease to drip through.
  • 1 scraper  that can chop and dice food while you cook.
  • 1 square turner, which has three beveled edges, giving you the ability to chop foods while grilling.
  • 1 Griddle scraper.  Great for cleaning stuck on mess off a griddle.

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