Stainless Steel Cake Spatula/Dough Scraper
This is the perfect tool to scrape the sides of your cake to achieve those clean, smooth edges whether your cake is frosted with buttercream or whipped cream icing.  The stainless steel material is much stronger than plastic, so it won't...
$14.99 $8.99
Olive Oil Sprayer or Vinegar Dispenser for Salads
Ever want to spray a little oil on a pan but when you use those canned oil sprays, oil goes everywhere?  Not with these glass or stainless steel sprayers or dispensers.  Great for adding just the right amount for what...
$23.99 from $14.99
5 Pcs Stainless Steel Spatula Set With Wood Handle For The Kitchen or Grill
Ever watch those restaurant cooking shows?  What kind of spatulas are they using?  It's not plastic, it's not silicone.  It Stainless Steel!  These are well-crafted heavy-duty stainless steel blades with smooth wood handles. Whether you are a professional chef working in...
$47.99 $31.99
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Acacia Wood End Grain Cutting Boards with juice groove
Acacia Cutting Boards Cut and Chop with Style:  Slice, dice and chop food on stylish acacia cutting boards. Acacia wood comes from hardy trees native to Australia, which are especially adapted for a harsh climate. Because of this, acacia wood...
$149.99 from $84.99
Hangable Beech or Walnut Wooden Non-slip Chopping/ Serving Boards
Every kitchen needs a set of ccutting boards to cut on.  These Walnut and Beech boards go with any kitchen.  They are also great serving platters for elegant dining. Please note: We at The Epicurean Cook want you to get your...
$29.99 from $19.99
2 Pack 13.5 Inch Stainless Steel Danish Dough
Artisan bread needs special tools to create the scoring that make them unique.  The baker's bread lame has an extra-long handle for ease and comfort, and a curved head with slots to fix the blade to. The blades are Stainless...
$24.99 from $14.99
7 Pcs Banneton Proofing Set
$86.99 $56.99
7 Pcs Banneton Proofing Set
A perfect artisan bread – the Banneton baskets create a slightly humid micro-climate between the dough and the Banneton during bread proofing. The rattan basket is also capable of proofing overnight in the fridge, tightly covered. Suitable for any bread recipe,...
$86.99 $56.99
Stone Non-Stick Pans
$75.99 from $49.99
Stone Non-Stick Pans
What are Stone Pans?  A stone pans cooking surface is made of crushed particles of rock that are combined with a nonstick element. With this stone micro-coating, it boasts of having a natural hot stone cooking surface which is not...
$75.99 from $49.99
The HiBREW Portable Car Coffee Machine
The HiBREW Portable Car Coffee Machine is one the greatest things we ever have used.  Going on a long trip and need coffee?  What about a long teleconference and can't leave?  This portable coffee machine has you covered! It be can...
$191.99 $134.99
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